Country Codes, Phone Codes, Dialing Codes, Telephone Codes, ISO Country Codes. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Tracking Insert Tracking ID Number Insert Tracking ID Number. To encode all locations for a specific country starting with the letter ‘A’, enter, for example: DANA/FR. DOCA - Passenger Address Information. IATA Airline and Airport Code Search Website. The calling chart above will help you find the dialing codes you need to make long distance phone calls to friends, … For example: DAN SIN*, DAN SIN*                                                    A:APT B:BUS C:CITY G:GRD H:HELI O:OFF-PT R:RAIL S:ASSOC TOW NKD C  SINAK                                            /ID     A  NKD - SINAK                   -  0K              /ID CNL C  SINDAL                                           /DK     A  CNL - SINDAL                  -  0K              /DK ZPZ O  SINDELFINGEN                                     /DE SIE C  SINES                                            /PT     A  SIE - SINES                   -  0K              /PT SIN*C  SINGAPORE                                        /SG     A  SIN - CHANGI                  -  0K              /SG     A  QPG - PAYA LEBAR              -  0K              /SG     A  XSP - SELETAR                 -  3K              /SG     A  TGA - TENGAH                  - 38K              /SG     B  MCR - MARINA BAY CRUISE CTR   - 16K              /SG SGB C  SINGAUA                                          /PG     A  SGB - SINGAUA                 -  0K              /PG ZQA O  SINGEN                                           /DE SSX C  SINGITA SAFARI LODGE                             /ZA     A  SSX - SINGITA SAFARI LODGE    -  0K              /ZA SIQ C  SINGKEP                                          /ID     A  SIQ - DABO                    -  0K              /ID )>. EGSKY Codes Service. Countries Codes. Hotels-Amadeus: Country: Credit Card Codes: Car Size: Car Category: Car Transmission: Car SSRs: Hotel SSRs: Currency Codes: Meal Codes: Language Codes: Rail Vendor Codes: Rail Station Codes: Web Supplier Codes: Punchout Suppliers: Rail Fare Type IDs: Hotel Connect Channels For more information, refer to the Amadeus Help Page HE DC GDS Entry Formats for API Data. Les affichages qui vous sont proposés possèdent également des informations que vous serez parfois amenés à décoder.. Les fonctions de codage et décodage vous permettent: • à partir du nom de connaître son code, • à partir du code de connaître le nom entier, • dans certains cas d'afficher une liste. is your complete guide to call anywhere in the world. The International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Location Identifier is a unique 3-letter code (also commonly known as IATA code) used in aviation and also in logistics to identify an airport. If you are interested in reviewing your eligibility and/or applying for an IATA Designator Code, please visit our IATA Codes page accessible via the IATA Customer Portal. For example: DANLOSANGELES A:APT B:BUS C:CITY G:GRD H:HELI O:OFF-PT R:RAIL S:ASSOC TOWN  LOCATION NOT FOUND, SIMILAR NAMES DISPLAYED                     XY5 G  LOS                         -  0K              /SE     LAM C  LOS ALAMOS                  -  0K              /USNM   LOB C  LOS ANDES                   -  0K              /CL     LSQ C  LOS ANGELES                 -  0K              /CL     LAX*C  LOS ANGELES                 -  0K              /USCA   LSN C  LOS BANOS                   -  0K              /USCA   SJD A  LOS CABOS INTL              -  0K              /MX     LSL C  LOS CHILES                  -  0K              /CR     RVE A  LOS COLONIZADORES           -  0K              /CO     QCI O  LOS CRISTIANOS              -  0K              /ES     MTR A  LOS GARZONES                -  0K              /CO     LMD C  LOS MENUCOS                 -  0K              /ARRN   LMM C  LOS MOCHIS                  -  0K              /MX     BHA A  LOS PERALES                 -  0K              /EC     LPJ C  LOS PIJIGUAOS               -  0K              /VE     LRV C  LOS ROQUES                  -  0K              /VE     LOX C  LOS TABLONES                -  0K              /GT     LMO C  LOSSIEMOUTH                 -  0K              /GB     LHB C  LOST HARBOR                 -  0K              /USAK )>. Full list of ICAO Country Codes provided by EasyETA Australia Visa and Travel Services. Display country group codes and country group names : TIRGL/SCHS : Display member countries from group codes(eg. You can add options to the DAN entry for the following: The first two characters are the ISO country code (US), and the second two characters are the state or province code (TX). Display Name State (decode), country code US, state code TN DNSAU Display Name States within country code AU Airline Amadeus. Information about Amadeus input and output codes GG CODE . deprecated. Specific Country by Alphabetical Letter. The most typical is the use of IATA location codes to cities and airports. Returns. Country/Region Comments EVY 34 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force: Australia GNL 135 Airways: GENERAL United States 1A n/a Amadeus IT Group S.A. n/a Global GDS and airline hosting system (CRS/PSS) 1B n/a Sabre travel network Asia-Pacific (ex-Abacus) n/a APAC Regional distribution 1E n/a Travelsky n/a China Information contained in this area depends on the market. Click on the first letter of the country to see a table of countries starting with that letter. Get Rates & Transit Times. To display the code for a country name, enter DC and the country name.
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