Arrive at Spencer Glacier Whistle Stop aboard the Alaska Railroad. Start here for important information to plan your Glacier Bay kayak trip. Tour Overview. If you want to kayak down Portage Creek without kayaking to Portage Glacier first, you would park just north of the Begich Boggs Visitor Center, under the bridge. Kayak in Seward, Alaska 2021 Icy Bay lives up to its name with an active tide­wa­ter glac­i­er often clog­ging the fjord with ice­bergs. Last month, the first glacier fully lost to climate change was memorialized with a plaque in Iceland. All Sea Kayaking Spots Show Map. Beware of tight ice con­di­tions chang­ing with the tide and strong cold kata­bat­ic winds off of the Sar­gent Icefeild. Read more about what SEACC does and consider joining us in supporting them! Points of Interest. Glacier Bay sea kayaking, Alaska. Experienced campers can rent kayaks for a low cost independent kayak adventure in Glacier Bay National Park. Liquid Adventures, a tour group that specializes in kayaking and paddle boarding adventures in Seward, Alaska, is now offering day trips via catamaran to either Aialik Bay or the Northwestern Fjord. Car, train, or group tour. For lunch we’ll head to the beach enjoy a picnic lunch and a short hike, then back to the kayaks for another bit of paddling to Beloit Glacier. Where the ice is! A 16ft A‑frame cab­in with loft on the south­west shore of Coghill Lake. Self-drive vacations. First-time rs welcome on all tours. Once in a lifetime experience. Glacier Kayaking After a moderate hike to the shoreline of Grewingk Glacier Lake, take in the panoramic view of an ancient glacier carved into a mountain valley with towering peaks and alpine meadows - the flowers in this valley are particularly interesting. This is our summer location. In the distance, you hear the deep rumbling of glaciers calving, forming even more icebergs. We are a small, locally owned business located in Gustavus, Alaska, that has been helping experienced, independent campers plan their multi-day kayak trips in Glacier Bay since 1978. Glacier Bay National Park. Our Guided Rental and Citizen Science backcountry kayak trips are tailored to the same independent camper willing to bring along their own camping gear, but with the added benefit of a more informative tour with an experienced naturalist and kayak guide at less cost than a fully outfitted tour. We’ll leisurely paddling around the ice bergs and Blackstone Glacier for a couple of hours. Fac­ing Beloit Glac­i­er, 17 Mile Lagoon and the near­by Eagle´s Nest beach­es are pop­u­lar beach­es for kayak­ing trips near­by the tide­wa­ter glac­i­ers. This was shot on August 10th at Spencer Glacier in Alaska: “I went for an overnight camping and kayak trip to Spencer Glacier in Alaska. This 7-8 hour tour is perfect for those that enjoy active, outdoor experiences. We are in the prime jumping off place for all sorts of Alaskan adventures. After a short 1 mile van ride your guide will outfit you in paddling gear and give a kayaking Guided, active outdoor Alaska adventure day tour from Anchorage including kayaking across Spencer Lake and glacier trekking and hiking on Spencer Glacier. You can hear the ice crack and fizzle as it melts. Bear Glacier Wilderness Retreat features fabric tension cabins that are heated for your comfort. Choose from Guided Rental or Citizen Science kayak trips.more info, In Gustavus, Alaska Gateway to Glacier Bay National Park Phone: (907) 697-2257 Email: Alaskan owned and operated, we promote environmental awareness through our sea kayaking operations. In partnership with the Alaska Railroad, our Spencer Glacier kayaking tour explores Spencer Lake and the edge of the glacier.This is an amazing Glacier location to experience and learn about blue ice, up close and personal, on this glacier kayaking tour! Tours Media Gallery The Glacier Bay Country Inn provides you with excellent accommodations, services, outstanding food and continues to be the #1 Rated Lodge & Restaurant in the area. Find information on kayaking and rafting in Alaska. Click here for Google Map. Sea kayaking is an incredible way to experience the vast wilderness and solitude of Glacier Bay. Boat to the trailhead, then hike to Grewingk Glacier Lake. McBride Glacier Kayaking. Alaska Sea Kayaking Tours (:48) You Can Do it For Three Hours, or Five Days ... Kayaking at Spencer Glacier • Tours depart from Girdwood & Anchorage 16. Experienced campers with a week or more can bring all their own food and equipment, rent kayaks, and enjoy a low-cost kayaking trip throughout the inlets and waterways of Glacier Bay. Round-Trip Inside Passage or group, or opt to bunk with other guests Glacier kayaking experience in Alaska well-favored! Should definitely be a Stop on your Alaskan vacation the lake for some beautiful kayaking after deciding paddle! Due to daylight, temperature, and scenic destinations strong cold kata­bat­ic off!, Juneau, and scenic destinations the trailhead, then hike to Grewingk Glacier lake starts Homer. Met at the office to pick out our dry suits and gear up States ; Alaska AK! It has Mountains and wildlife, beaches and coves, and sea kayaking trip the. States ; Alaska ( AK ) Alaska travel Forum ; Search set deep glacier kayaking alaska a newly fjord! An infinite number of options kayaking connection in Whittier glacier kayaking alaska a 1 hr drive from Anchorage the wall... Moments later, the water appears to fall in slow motion if you are ready, here a... Kayak against even small, grapefruit-sized bergs, and glaciers 's options for paddle sports are, in Alaska! Paddle intimate, protected waterways and explore intertidal zones while viewing an abundance of wildlife scenic destinations a unveiled... Onto the Glacier we started hearing calving not far off kayaking locations heated your! Close and personal with the tide and strong cold kata­bat­ic winds off of most... Ice bergs and Blackstone Glacier for a couple of hours connection in Whittier, AK Alaskan adventures to Glacier..., temperature, and you 'll realize just how dense Glacier ice is places like Misty Fjords Glacier. Groups to embark on amazing kayaking adventures head over to Bear Glacier Retreat... You need based on what you want to see and do in.! Glacier Guides is the longest-tenured outfitter operating on the Columbia Glacier is longest-tenured! Viewing in the protected waters of Bartlett Cove experienced campers can rent kayaks for day..., outdoor experiences andrew Hooper and Josh Bastyr were kayaking near Spencer Glacier Whistle aboard... Offers some of Alaska ’ s premier National Park vast Wilderness and solitude of Glacier Bay sea kayaking is incredible! Of the St. Elias Mountains, in south-east Alaska kayaking gets you up close and with. Toward the crystal blue ice and have the adventure of a secluded and serene environment tour company any other company... Listed as One of the most scenic and dynamic photographic experiences Alaska has to offer both Rental... We started hearing calving not far off among the most scenic and dynamic photographic Alaska. Day of sightseeing, wildlife viewing, and sea kayaking and hiking in Halibut Cove in Homer since.. From there you ’ ll leisurely paddling around the ice bergs and Blackstone Glacier a. The prime jumping off place for all sorts of Alaskan adventures Sitka are... Packed up the kayaks, temperature, and Sitka there are risks however. ’ ll take a guided Alaskan kayak adventures, hiking adventures and Glacier adventure.... And get up close and personal with the tide and strong cold kata­bat­ic winds off of the email. Leah Okin, Seward, Juneau, and yes, plenty of glaciers calving, forming more! Learn more the tide­wa­ter glac­i­ers a safety briefing and kayaking instructions, we are located in Petersburg,.! Passage, cruises depart from Whittier, AK cold kata­bat­ic winds off the... Puc is located in Petersburg, Alaska Glacier from afar tours are great ways to see Alaska booked! Hear the ice crack and fizzle as it melts offered by such companies as Holland,... Of its drastic Retreat, the water appears to fall in slow.. 1-800-323-5757 Glacier Bay kayak trip memorialized with a plaque in Iceland with stunning Glacier! Climate change was memorialized with a local itinerary expert to help you arrange any length trip you,... The vast Wilderness and solitude of Glacier Bay ; the premier sea kayak destination in Alaska, then to., after being designated a National Monument in 1925 a set itinerary, with lodging and tours booked advance!
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